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Weigh Track Unit


The Weigh Track unit is used to weigh the produce that has been harvested by employees. The data that is collected is the weights, field number, employees and activities performed. This data can be uploaded automatically to the Plan-A-Head Crop modules as well as the Plan-A-Head Payroll system to pay an employee a rate per KG.


The weigh track unit uses an RFID card to identify the employee. Once the supervisor has indicated what product they are harvesting and the block they are working in, each employee can weigh their bag or crate. The system then logs that weight to an employee, to a field and to an activity. Once the data has been uploaded to the Plan-A-Head modules we can print management reports identifying which employees and fields are performing the best.

Main Features

Analyzes Data

Data input is analyzed, sorted and reported

Sync together

Our software’s are linked


Showing data that suits the eye

Live Data

Sync data from our weigh track, automated fuel and clock in devices

The system can:

  • Record weights per employee, block and activity
  • Upload data from multiple locations to a central system
  • Highlight good performing employees and blocks
  • Eliminate the need to manually record the data
  • Drastically reduce your administration


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