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Fuel Track Unit


The Fuel Track unit allows you to control the fuel that is being dispensed from a bulk tank. This data is automatically uploaded to our vehicle management system via GSM. So no need for manual fuel input sheets.


The system uses RFID tags to identify the vehicle and employee that is refueling. The odometer or hour meter reading is recorded on the unit as well as the operation that vehicle was going to perform. The litres are then recorded and the transaction is closed off. That data is uploaded to Plan-A-Head Farm Vehicle Software or the Commercial Vehicle Software seamlessly via GSM. The records can then be used to assist should you have a SARS diesel rebate.

Main Features

Analyzes Data

Data input is analyzed, sorted and reported

GSM Upload

No manual input sheet needed


Showing data that suits the eye

Live Data

Sync data from our weigh track, automated fuel and clock in devices

The System can:

  • Control liters being dispensed from your bulk tank
  • Capture dip stick readings on the unit
  • Record fuel purchases on the unit
  • Can control fuel being dispensed from multiple locations from one central system
  • Dispense limits can be set per vehicle as well as per employee
  • Assists with SARS diesel rebates
  • Drastically reduce your administration


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