Sheep Management Software

The Sheep Management Software is suitable for mutton, wool and stud sheep farmers.

The Sheep Management Software is suitable for mutton, wool and stud sheep farmer.

Main Features

Analyzes Data

Fertility, Weight Gains, Feed Conversions, Health and Marketing data.

Sync together

Can be linked to an electronic scale or RFID readers for stock control.


Weight gain graphs.

Live Data

Sync data with electronic scales and RFID stock counters.

Features of Plan-A-Head Sheep Management Software:

  • Fertility – Monitor sheep fertility performance by keeping track of services, pregnancy tests, lambing and weaning details on ewes as well as conception statistics on rams.
  • Monitor indexes – including growth phase information such as birth and rearing status, average daily advances and corrected weights etc
  • Wool – Keep wool details including shearing and fleece information such as greasy and clean fleece weights and indexes etc.
  • Marketing – Monitor marketing, days to market and culling information relating to the sale. Easy analysis of reasons for culling as well as grade out information which can be related back to the rams.
  • Weighing – Linking to electronic scales is also available for weighing of animals. Reports can be printed highlighting animals not achieving a target ADG.
  • Medications – the user can set up the sheep inoculation schedule they wish to follow and reminders are produced to ensure good flock health. All medications can also be captured against each animal.

Why Plan-A-Head Sheep Management Software:

  • Our Sheep system has been developed with farmers and consultants
  • Is easy to use
  • Integrates with weighing scales
  • Over 32 years experience in the field
  • Many farmers trust in our Sheep system

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