Pig Management Software

The Pig Management Software is a powerful yet easy to use management tool designed to assist you in the management of your pigs.

The Plan-A-Head Pig Management Software program provides you with all the information needed to manage an efficient and profitable pig business. The Pig Management software will cater for all your pig tracking information on sows and boars.

Main Features

Analyzes Data

Fertility, Genetic, Health and Production Data.

Sync together

The software can be linked to electronic scales.


Fertility data as well as weight details.

Live Data

Sync data with electronic scales.

Features of Plan-A-Head Pig Management Software:

  • Animal Information Cards – Showing lifetime history of AI’s, production, farrowings, medical history and weight recordings. Production graphs as well as weight recording graphs are available for individual animals or group.
  • Weigh recordings – Weights can be captured or imported from selected scales to highlight animals not growing at the target ADG.
  • Veterinary History – Option to generate a vet visit report with all pigs overdue for farrowing, not cycling, cycled after pregnancy tested positive, due for pregnancy testing together with all their current medical history.
  • Fertility History ie: heats, services, farrowings, etc. – Fertility history of AIs, servings, heats, farrowings, pregnancy test results on each animal as well as conception stats by boar or inseminator can be extracted.
  • Grade outs – Information on grade outs can be recorded with the monetary value you received when selling an animal. This can be linked back to the boar as well.

Why use Plan-A-Head Pig Management Software:

  • Our Pig system has been developed with farmers and consultants
  • Is easy to use
  • Integrates with weighing scales
  • Over 32 years experience in the field
  • Many farmers trust in our Pig system

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