Sugar Cane Management Software

All your sugar cane production data, field records and costs are just a click away. Print estimates. GIS mapping. Cutting cycle.

The Sugar Cane Management System will allow you to manage your sugar cane farm efficiently and collect data that would assist with your day to day management on your farm or estate. With the ever increasing input costs the system allows you to monitor these costs against the yields that are being achieved and what factors influenced these results.

Main Features

Analyzes Data

Field records, Estimates, Soil Analyses, Operations, Yields and Weather Data.


Links with our WeighTrack device for in field recordings.


Yields and sucrose results together with rainfall graphs.

Live Data

Import delivery data, weather information as well as soil analyses

Features of Plan-A-Head Sugar Cane:

  • Field Information – Store detailed current and historical records of each field.
  • Soil, Leaf & Disease Analysis – Soil analysis can be imported directly from FAS
  • Inventory – All material usage and stocks can be managed along with the costs of these products
  • SASA grower data – Delivery data and test results can be imported directly into the system on a weekly basis
  • Estimates – Estimates can be generated and emailed straight through to mill groups boards
  • Rainfall – Rainfall and irrigation records can be recorded. Rainfall figures can also be imported from SASRI weather stations
  • Performance reports – Performance reports can be printed per field showing which fields, varieties etc are performing best as well as the monetary value.
  • Cutting cycles – These can be generated in order to plan your harvesting within the mill opening and closing dates.

Why use Plan-A-Head Sugar Cane system:

  • Our Sugar Cane system has been developed with farmers and consultants in the industry
  • Is easy to use
  • Up to date with the latest innovations
  • Integrates with our other Plan-A-Head modules eliminating duplication of administration
  • Over 32 years experience in the field
  • Many farmers trust in our Sugar Cane system

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