Macadamia Management Software

The Plan-A-Head Macadamia Management System will help you to manage your production and control costs to maximise your profitability.

Plan-A-Head has developed an infield recording device that weighs the bags of nuts that the employee has harvested. These records are automatically transferred to the Macadamia System and create a production record and a labour expense record against that block. The data is transferred via GSM technology so there is no need to go and collect the data from the unit. That same data is at the same time pulled directly into our payroll system to pay the staff a rate per kilogram. Below are some added advantages of using the system.

Main Features

Analyzes Data

Block records, Soil Analyses, Operations, Spray instructions, Yields and Weather Data. Global GAP data.

Sync together

Link WeighTrack device with production records per employee/block.


Production and quality graphs.

Live Data

Sync data from our weigh track via GSM technology.

Features of Plan-A-Head Macadamia:

  • Harvesting – data can be collected directly from the fields via the in field weighing hardware (see Weigh Track)
  • Field Information – Store detailed current and historical records of each block.
  • Soil, Leaf & Disease Analysis – Detailed analysis can be recorded against each block
  • Inventory – All material usage and stocks can be managed along with the costs of these products
  • Rainfall – Record rainfall data or imported via simple .txt layouts from weather stations
  • Global GAP – Supply global auditors with spray records
  • Income and expense – These reports are available per hectare and kg produced
  • Scouting – Record scouting records
  • Factory results – Deliveries can be recorded as per the factories delivery reports. Showing style breakdowns and income. These results can be imported from selected factories.

Why use Plan-A-Head Macadamia system:

  • Our Macadamia has been developed with farmers and consultants in the industry
  • It has been written specifically for macadamia system
  • Is easy to use
  • Up to date with the latest innovations
  • Integrates with our other Plan-A-Head modules eliminating duplication of administration
  • Over 32 years experience in the field
  • Many farmers trust in our Macadamia system

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