Payroll Management Software

Our Payroll Management Software has been developed to assist farmers to successfully pay their employees. Employees’ performance can be monitored. There are many agricultural management reports that can be printed that relate to a farm’s payroll.

The Payroll Management Software is extremely flexible. It allows you to specify different payroll pay periods and rates of pay (monthly, daily, hourly), as well as grouping categories of employees e.g.permanent, temporary or contract workers. Task work is also handled very efficiently and bonus calculation based on performance.

Main Features

Analyzes Data

Payslips, EMP501, Task entry and wages history

Sync together

Payroll integrates with financial and crop management.


Performance graphs.

Live Data

Sync data from our weigh track and clock in devices. Sync data with banks.

Features of Plan-A-Head Payroll:

  • Detailed records of current and terminated employees
  • Calculation of annual leave, sick leave and family responsibility leave
  • Links with major banks to automatically pay staff
  • Get costings per field / activity / employee
  • Monitor employees performance
  • Integrates with clocking devices
  • Links with our automated in field scanning device and scale (Weigh Track)
  • Generates easy to read payslips for your staff
  • Submit vital documentation to government institutions i.e. SARS and Department of labour
  • Manages Employment Equity
  • Calculates ETI (Employment Tax Incentive)
  • Links with SARS Easyfile system

Why use Plan-A-Head Payroll system:

  • Our Payroll system has been developed specifically for the agricultural market
  • Is easy to use
  • Up to date with the latest legislation
  • Integrates with our other Plan-A-Head modules eliminating duplication of administration
  • Over 32 years experience in the field
  • Many farmers trust in our Payroll system

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