Farm Vehicle Management Software

Farm Vehicle Management Software provides easy and comprehensive tracking of vehicle and asset running costs. Assists with SARS diesel audits. Other farm assets can also be monitored.

Costs are split between operating costs i.e. fuel, repairs and maintenance, parts and fixed costs i.e. depreciation, HP and insurance. Current asset values are always up to date. Assists with SARS Diesel audits.

Main Features

Analyzes Data

Total Operating costs and fixed costs as well as costs per hour/km and consumption figures.

Sync together

Syncs to financial system generating monthly depreciation journals.


Consumption/costs and asset type graphs, making comparisons between same class of asset easy.

Live Data

Sync data from our automated fuel device attached to the bulk tank.

Features of Plan-A-Head Farm Vehicle Software:

  • Keep detailed record of all assets
  • Monitor lifetime costs of assets
  • Links with our Fuel Track hardware
  • Reconcile your bulk fuel tanks
  • Reminders of license renewals and services
  • Calculate fuel consumptions
  • Monitor daily activities
  • Assist with SARS diesel rebates
  • Driver records

Why use Plan-A-Head Farm Vehicle Software:

  • Our Farm Vehicle system has been developed specifically for the agricultural market
  • Is easy to use
  • Will assist you with a SARS diesel audit
  • Integrates with our Fuel Track hardware
  • Over 32 years experience in the field
  • Many farmers trust in our Farm Vehicle system
  • Helps with license renewal reminders

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